Porcupine Lake

Synopsis: Bea and Kate, two thirteen-year-old girls, meet up early summer in Port Severn, a small town in Ontario, and become more than best friends. They share personal secrets, fears, grievances, and daredevil challenges. By the end of the summer they have irrevocably influenced each other, and the course of their lives has changed in ways they can’t yet foresee. Inventive and daring, director Ingrid Veninger explores the vulnerability of being thirteen with insight and humor. Through an intimate and authentic portrait of Bea’s awakening into selfhood, this story invites audiences to imagine a new model for a young girl’s first love story—one told from the inside out.

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Director:Ingrid Veninger

Writer: Ingrid Veninger

Stars: Charlotte SalisburyLucinda Armstrong HallChristopher Bolton, Delphine Roussel, Harrison Tanner, Hallie Switzer

Producer: Ingrid Veninger

Executive Producers: Melissa Leo, Randi Kirshenbaum

Cinematographer – Benjamin Lichty, Editor – Chris Mutton, Composers – Carlin Nicholson, Michael O’Brien