About – EST. 2009

Founded in 2009 by Richard Wolff and Richard Ross–two entertainment industry veterans–Breaking Glass Pictures is a cutting edge, globally-connected film distribution media company based in Philadelphia, PA. It focuses on finding and distributing unique and visionary independent films from around the world, inclusive of all genres. In addition to theatrical, digital, VOD and DVD releases in North America, Breaking Glass functions as an International sales agent at film markets, with strong ties in Australia, the UK, France, Germany, and Asia.

Recent Breaking Glass titles include provocative drama Inheritance (Laura E. Davis, Jessica Kaye) controversial cult sensation Assholes (Peter Vack) and Betsy Brandt drama Claire in Motion (Annie J. Howell, Lisa Robinson). All were SXSW debuts. Several International titles played a major role in our lineup – Icelandic coming of age drama Heartstone (Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson), Icelandic thriller Rift (Erlingur Thoroddsen) intense Chilean drama Jesus (Fernando Guzzoni), Cuban drama Santa & Andreas (Carlos Lechuga), Argentinian thriller Long Night of Francisco Sanctus (Francisco Márquez, Andrea Testa) and UK LGBTQ mystery/thriller B&B (Joe Ahearne).

2018 brings exciting additions to our lineup starting with four titles from the recent TIFF (Toronto) Festival. First is Irish suspense drama Good Favour (Rebecca Daly) followed by Canadian coming of age/LGBTQ title Porcupine Lake (Ingrid Veninger) and two superb films from Israel, the intense drama Scaffolding (Matin Yair) and beautiful, emotional drama Longing (Savi Gabizon).

Additional titles include romantic French film My Life with James Dean (Dominique Choisy), Columbia’s submission to the Academy Awards GUILTY MEN (Iván Gaona), mystery/thriller Tatterdemalion, and the shocking and controversial sequel, Marfa Girl 2 (Larry Clark).

Breaking Glass Pictures continues to look for exciting and challenging projects for our production slate. Our MMA action film Fight Valley starring Miesha Tate, Holly Holm, Cris “Cyborg” and Susie Celek was completed in 2016. Another film, the beautiful Mormon LGBTQ love story The Falls: Covenant of Grace, which is actually the final installment in a trilogy, was also completed in 2016. We are excited to continue working with talented Directors and Writers, to bring their vision to the screen.

Since opening our doors, Breaking Glass Pictures has distributed over 300 films with plans for another 40 to 50 in 2018. With a packed release schedule through the upcoming months, the company is expanding and gaining notoriety as it moves into its ninth year of operation. Fans of movies that offer exciting, truly independent content, in all genres, have a dependable source for quality cinema.