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Alamo Drafthouse Celebrates the Best of Danish Cinema

Queen of Hearts and Holiday are now available on demand from Alamo Drafthouse.

The famous independent theater chain is currating a new “six pack” of Danish films on the last Thursday of every other month. This month celebrates female filmmakers, and we are so excited to be included in this series!

Find all the films available from Alamo Drafthouse here.



About director May el-Toukhy:

May el-Toukhy was born in Charlottenlund, Denmark and attended the National Film School of Denmark. Her first feature film, LONG STORY SHORT (2015), follows a group of friends over 30 in changing, complex, and imperfect relationships, set over eight different gatherings through the years.

May el-Toukhy truly exploded on the scene with her follow-up film QUEEN OF HEARTS, which won the Audience Award at Sundance and took almost all honors at the Danish Film Awards.

In an interview with Medium at Sundance, May spoke about the stories that excite her: “I have longed to see complex and nuanced female characters on screen. I think on-screen equality is not going to happen if we just reproduce the same old good-natured female characters. We have to dare to expose both women that do good and women that do bad in order to be relevant for a contemporary audience.”

She is currently working on a biopic of the extraordinary and complex life of Danish author Karen Blixen, who wrote Out of Africa and Babette’s Feast and lived on an African cattle and coffee farm amidst the battles of World War I.

About director Isabella Eklöf

Although Swedish by birth, we’re claiming Isabella Eklöf as an honorary Dane. Eklöf cut her teeth as a runner on LET THE RIGHT ONE IN before attending and graduating from the Danish National Film School in Copenhagen.

In 2012 she received the Bisballeprisen, a prestigious Danish art prize, for her graduation film NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND, a portrait of the “drabness of evil,” the banal everyday life of a pedophile and his victim. The short was based on the true story of a Sabine Dardenne, one of the two survivors of Belgian kidnapper/murderer/pedophile Marc Dutroux.

Eklöf has quickly become one of the rising stars of genre films, first by co-writing the extraordinary fantasy drama BORDER with Danish director Ali Abassi, and then writing and helming the Danish-produced thriller HOLIDAY.

Eklöf lives and works in Copenhagen with her partner Daniel Karpantschof, another rising star in the Danish film scene.