Butch Cordora – Pride Month Interview

1. What inspired you to be a filmmaker? Well, first of all; I certainly don’t consider myself a filmmaker.. LOL.. If anything maybe a documentarian


Patrick McGuinn – Pride Month Interview

Born in Hollywood to Rock star parents, Roger and Ianthe McGuinn, Patrick became interested in Puppet shows and costume-making as a young boy, then began


Yuval Hadadi – Pride Month Interview

What inspired you to be a filmmaker? I’ve always been interested in telling stories. As a child I wanted to create backstories for everyone, I


Tim Kirkman – Pride Month Interview

1. What inspired you to be a filmmaker?         Filmmaker Ross McElwee inspired me to make films. His personal diary documentaries taught


Matthew Montgomery – Pride Month Interview

Matthew Montgomery is an actor, director, writer, producer and LGBTQ+ activist whose industry career spans over 20 years. Recipient of the 2010 Philadelphia QFest Artistic


Tom Heard – Pride Month Interview

Tom Heard was born in Long Beach, California and grew up in Austin, Texas. At age ten he appeared in a University of Texas production


Ian Powell – Pride Month Interview

Ian Powell is the writer and director of the darkly erotic gay horror film, “Seeing Heaven” and the co-creator of the Jack the Ripper mystery